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Can geeks become the most popular people on campus? They can if Tori Sanchez is in charge! Tori has a plan for creating a 'geek-friendly' school, but it's going to take a cow, some risk, and maybe just a little romance. It's time for the rise of the Geek Elite!

Can the coolest teacher on campus be transformed into a geek? Tori is back again and this time tries her hand at matchmaking. Her plan includes a crazy makeover for one single mom, and geek school for one lucky teacher. it's the Geek Elite to the rescue!

“Soccer moms” are those spending enormous amounts of time transporting school-aged children (and their friends) to various events—sporting, academic, musical and social—on top of all of the other things they do.

Where does this leave time for connecting with God?

Is anxiety controlling you?
You are not alone. Pete and Lynne Thompson invite you to sit-in on three counseling sessions featuring a biblical character who needed healing from this very condition. With over 28 years in the mental health field, Pete offers biblical insight for this challenging, yet treatable mental health issue, affecting 1 in 13 people globally each year. Sessions are ideal for small groups, pastoral counseling, support groups, or individual devotions.
Today is a good day for God’s healing touch.

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