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A Lovely Place to Be

There are those times in life when you instinctively know that you are in the presence of a lovely moment. Surprisingly these events aren’t often surrounded by fanfare or loud celebration, rather it’s a pause from those things into the realm of silence. A cool breeze, a feeling of peace, a knowing, if you will, that you are in a sacred place in time. I’ve only felt it a handful of times but I was well aware that I was in its midst. One time it was while I was alone holding my newborn child. Another time when I sat alone in a park with my aging mother watching the sun go down. It’s as though life with its busyness, joys and challenges hits a pause, and for a second or two you are able to really breathe in the fullness of the experience before you. As I approach a fresh day I’m hopeful. I want to slow myself down every now and then and pray, and allow myself to become vulnerable to those chance meetings. I wait in longing anticipation of another lovely place to be.

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